Partner Companies

Cytogenetic and Microarray testing solutions
Providers of reliable, fast, accurate test results and comprehensive counseling services with robust and conveniently accessible reports. Highly experienced in performing genetic testing, including microarray, karyotyping, and FISH testing. Combinating testing and reporting with the genetic counseling services that clinicians need in a genetic testing company.
Health Care and Human Capital Investment Management Solution
Arevo was designed to help companies take control of their investments into their people; from healthcare to salary and other benefits, the Arevo platform is designed to empower organizations to better manage and control these increasing expenses.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm exclusive to Life Sciences
The value Celere brings is speed and cost - to quickly place talent and to reduce the overall cost of talent acquisition. Our firm works exclusively in Life Sciences, with methodologies proven effective in finding key roles quickly and ensuring there’s a strong fit between high-caliber candidates and the company we are supporting.
Biomedical Innovator in prevent hospital-based infectious disease
Hyprotek, Inc. is a biomedical company that develops and produces patented medical technologies designed to improve the safety and efficiency of intravenous therapy.